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Current Reckless Driving Law to Include Texting

Posted on May 07, 2014

S.C. – The state of South Carolina’s current reckless driving law does not include texting; which Berkeley County State Representative Samuel Rivers Jr. is looking to change.  House Bill 3921 not only includes cell phones, it encompasses most wireless devices including tablets and laptops.  However, GPS and other devices built into cars are not affected by this bill. 

If this bill is passed, drivers can expect to be fined or even have a suspended license depending if they are a repeat offender.  First offense drivers will be fined a monetary amount and second offense drivers will have their license suspended for three months, as well as pay a fine. 

Some South Carolina residents believe that texting while driving is a big problem in this state.  The general manager of Fender Mender, John Latsko, has said his shop repairs over 300 cars a month and most of those repairs are due to texting while driving.  For this proposed law to be effective, law enforcement will need to crack down on reckless drivers and set precedence for South Carolina.

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