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Five Important Documents To Take To an Attorney Consulation

Documents To Take To A Free Attorney Consultation

If you have been involved in an accident, there are several documents that you will want to take with you to an attorney consultation. The following is a list of documents that will help a personal injury attorney to evaluate your accident case.

1.    Police Report or FR-10 (the green sheet): Depending on how recently the accident occurred, you may or may n
ot have the police report. However, if you were the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident, you should have been given a copy of the green sheet, called the FR-10. Take this document or a copy of it with you. The FR-10 contains key information, such as the insurance companies involved, the name of the person who hit you, and the location of the accident, which will help the attorney evaluate your case. You must return the original FR-10 to your insurance company or the SCDMV. For more information, click here. Documents to take to an attorney consultation
2.    Medical Records/Bills:
If you went to the hospital or received any other medical treatment for the injuries you sustained in the accident, it is a good idea to bring any medical records and bills you have received since the accident.

3.    Receipts for Prescriptions and Expenses Incurred:
Keep all prescription medication receipts and any other expenses you may have incurred because of the accident, such as rental car costs, replacement costs for items destroyed in the accident, etc. Make sure your attorney has copies of these receipts so that you may be properly reimbursed for expenses you incurred due to the accident.

4.    Pictures: All pictures of the damage to the vehicle, the accident scene, and your injuries. If you took pictures of your injuries or the damages to the vehicles involved in the accident, you should give the pictures or copies of the pictures to your attorney.

5.    Your notes: It is always a good idea to keep a personal log of your injuries, your account of the facts of the accident, etc. You may forget important details weeks and months after the accident. You should write a detailed account of your injuries, your recovery and what happened in the accident. These notes can be very helpful to your attorney when preparing your accident case.

The more information about the accident and your injuries that you can provide to your attorney, the better able he or she will be to build your personal injury case quickly and effectively.

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